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Kradam Madcakes

Lupercalia: have a very werewolf Valentine!

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Fanfic. Fanart. Fancake. Fun.

It's all on the menu.

Kradam Madcake is a rotation of challenges set to varying themes. We're out to coddle the precious little quirks that are too specific for the monthly challenge communities, or too common for the specific challenge communities, or too darn odd for the rest of the band. We like werewolves. And mermaids. And Tokyo. (We like werewolves marrying mermaids in Tokyo.) We really like Adam and Kris.

And sometimes we throw a party to celebrate what we like...

The goal of this community is to fill a niche that's sometimes overlooked, or just underfed, in the Kradam fandom. Whatever that niche may be. We aim to give that special craving in your head a birthday party with all the trimmings.

We're not a kink community; we're a catering service.

February 15th

Banner by jerakeen

(We've got them; you read them; everybody wins. Or else.)

-Do keep the theme in mind.

-Do use cut tags, hide NSFW images, rate/mark NC-17 content and use any warnings necessary when posting. We don't need to keep it clean, but we do want to keep it friendly.

-Do post finished works as individual entries; post WIPs as comments in the prompt post.

-Do post during the scheduled period. (Fashionably late and endearing early only works is for weddings, executions, and office parties.)

-Don't re-post work previously posted elsewhere. (Completed versions of old excerpts are okay.)

-Don't be a dickery dick on a shmuck stick.

*Posting Guidelines*

When posting a work (fanfic/fanart/fancake/fandango) please use an lj-cut and the following format:


Don't worry about tagging; that's why the Internet invented mods.

PS: We have a lovely DW feed for our Dreamwidth customers. Thank you, jerakeen