February 15th, 2011

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Ladies and dandies, may I present LUPERCALIA.

If you've a got a story, this is the time to post it. If you've got fanart (or a pic spam), this is the time to show it off. If you've got a friend, this is the time to drag them over. If you'd like to drop a comment praising Adam's...tail. Yeah, this is the time for that too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in this wee slice of madness. Thank you for posting, for prompting, for reading, for rec'ing, for showing up. This comm was started on a mad whim, fueled by vague disgruntled. It succeeded because you, you wicked furballs, let it. You know what that means...

Tummy rubs for all. ♥ ♥ ♥

The Lupercalia master post is currently being assembled.

A note to those who didn't manage to finish their masterpiece: don't worry! Yes, today is closing day. But, no, the comm itself won't go offline. While general activity is finished (after tonight) late posts are allowed.
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Fic: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Part One)

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Author: Birddi
Beta: aramuin 
- who is the reason this got done! AMAZING PERSON HERE!!! 
It’s illegal to own people. So does it make sense to even have these?

Rating: R, no warnings?


For the prompt: We seriously need bakers. Seriously.” + “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.” + “One is a werewolf and doesn't know it.” + 5 of the prompt sentences + 6 of the daily prompts. This story was prompted out.

Summary: A wrong turn had Kris working in a diner in San Glam, California. He’s getting used to the little eclectic town, and its zany inhabitants. He’s doing great, he just wasn’t expecting to meet Mr. Right or that his rockstar looking crush would be quite so…crazy, really. What’s with Adam insisting that Kris is going to turn in a ball of fluffy teeth and desire for blood on the full moon?



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