February 12th, 2011

Lupercalia: Weekend Write'thon {Part II}

Welcome to your latest Saturday, wild things!

With the weekend now officially in progress, and it's time for Lupercalia's latest, and final:

Weekend Write'thon

Goal: 1,500-3,000 words

Time limit: Saturday-Sunday

1.Your story must be new. As in untouched by the Internet or other sticky mediums. (Sequels are allowed.)

2.Your story must (somehow) incorporate one of the below:

Catch / Taste / Kill

3.All entries must be posted on Monday. Even the unfinished ones. No beta? No excuse. Be it a single skinny paragraph or a towering epic--we want to see it.

Remember: Lupercalia night is but a weekend and a wiggle away. Wouldn't it be brilliant to celebrate it with a shiny, new bundle of were-Kradam...

Weekend Write'thon: C*h*e*e*r*leader Post

Chip dip and Cheeri-O's, you dizzy pups and bold wonders, this is your Weekend Write'thon cheerleader post!

Hand holding and fond encouragements (along with prodding and poking)are available for anyone who asks. As usual those of you who aren't writing, but are eager to be reading, are invited to lend a helping hand. Plus with the 15th looming prettily on the horizon, it might be a fine time to make some pals and score a beta/adopt a story. No? ^_^