February 11th, 2011

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Rise and shine, wild things!

This post will be brief but don't despair; it's merely a placeholder for the fun to come.

Hugs and love bites to every spicy brain that participated in the Take the Cake challenge. You are all our favorite flavor. ♥ ♥ ♥ A consolidation post featuring the participants and their shiny glories will be up later today.

Onto some housekeeping issues:

1) The TcT challenge is over; the daily prompts are not. Madcake is very much in favor of keeping the words flowing all the way until the final festive hour. Speaking of which...

2) The Weekend Write'thon is back! Eventually. For most of us it's the last writing frenzy available before Lupercalia night, so steel your spine and take the plunge. The sentence pack will be posted tonight.

3) Questions? Concerns? Tongue baths? Feel free to share.
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Fic: The Hunter and the Hunted

Title: The Hunter and the Hunted
Author: echelonlove 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Adam/Kris (the only pairing that matters) :P
Word Count:  2,000 words exactly! :)
Disclaimer: This is all a figment of my overactive imagination...none of it ever happened :P  Or maybe that's what they want us to believe...

Kris is a werewolf hunter and Adam doesn't know it.  What happens when Kris shoots a werewolf and it shifts into his boyfriend?

Author's Note:
The idea for this came from a prompt by vanya_elda who wanted: "One is a werewolf and doesn't know it. One is a hunter and doesn't know his love is the one he's hunting. Hurty Hurty/Comfort and angst and drama ensues when the hunter wounds the werewolf and they realize who is who."  It's not really that angst-y and it's ridiculously fluffy, but I tried! :P

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