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Fic: Stained in You

Title: Stained in You
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: NC-17
Length: 7,750 words
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not real. This is for fun only. No disrespect or offense meant to anyone. Title is from the song Insatiable by Darren Hayes.
Warnings: Werewolf mating! Explicit porn! Dubious consent! Adam's all healing cock! Much sappiness! Completely unplanned and out of control PWP!
Notes: AU. Written for [community profile] kradamadness round seven: wild; more specifically the wild sex mini challenge. I tried to finish it in time for Lupercalia for kradamadcakes, but the damn thing just refused to end. *kicks fic*

Beta by [personal profile] sbb23. Many thanks to everyone at the prompt post for encouragement, and my flist for the excellent werewolf porn soundtrack suggestions.

Summary: “I’m naked in the middle of the frickin’ forest with some guy I don’t even know – and it’s cold – and – ” He looks around wildly, searching for clothes he knows are not there. “I need my goddamn clothes.”

( Story )
Tags: fanfic, festival 01: lupercalia

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