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Fic: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Part Three)

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Kris still didn’t know what was going to happen tonight, but as the day went on it seemed as if everyone in town was anxious about something. Cook and Archie were even on edge, one minute they’d be snipping at Kris and each other than it’d be a quick make out session in the bathroom.


Kris zipped his mouth and turned up the background music.


So, lunch was a little weird.


Sometimes Kris didn’t get people.


Adam came in just before the usual dinner rush, asking to speak with Kris privately when his shift finishes. Kris was already excited just at the prospect of time alone with Adam or that Adam couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of him every time Kris peeked out from the kitchen. It was totally okay with Kris if something was in the air if these were the side effects. Kris was totally okay with a sex pollen a la Star Trek if Adam was involved were the results. Distracting!


He totally should have figured it’d go very, very wrong.




Kris’s shift wasn’t done yet but Adam’s apparently done waiting. He all but hauls Kris into Cook’s back room office. It’s the first time Kris’s been in it, aside from just the occasional glimpse he gets when Cook goes in or a blushing Archie comes out.


It’s not a real office, but a closed in patio leading to the outside with the usual computer set up and a mini fridge.


The last thing he saw before Adam pinned him to the wall and kicked the door shut was Cook’s very amused wink.


Kris...” Adam was really close now, voice low and reverberating across Kris’s skull.


Yeah…” Kris hedged when Adam remained quiet, biting his lip to reign in his smile. Adam never struck Kris as the shy type, but that was okay. It wasn’t what Kris was usually attracted to, but it kind of made Kris feel special inside that he was able to make Adam so hesitant. Really special.


“…do you know you’re a werewolf?”


 Huh?...Somehow, that wasn’t quite what Kris thought was going to happen. “Huh?”


It’s very important.”


“...Are you serious?” Adam certainly looked serious. There could be only one explanation. Really, what was he expecting when the guy he was kind of crushing on asked to see him? Kris had the worst dating luck ever. He was never going to get laid again. “You know, when you asked me to meet you after my shift, this wasn’t really what I was expecting.”


Adam didn’t seem to be paying him, or his private grieving over the death of his love life, much mind. “Answer my question, Kris.”


Kris scratched his nose and rocked back on his heels, talking mostly to himself now. “Kinda thought it’d be asking for a date, with donuts and movies.”


Adam seemed to tune back in, “You have donuts with your movies?” Then when the implications of what Kris said struck, “Oh. Shit! Kris. No! No.”


Kris cringed about the same time as Adam did.


No.” Adam repeated hurriedly. Kris had never seen Adam caught so wrong-footed, “No, I mean, that wasn’t what I meant. But. Dates...Dates are good?”


Kris looked up at him, hesitant but hopeful, “…are dates with me good?”


 “I thought you were straight.” It sounded like Adam was reaching for an excuse at this point.


Kris wasn’t actually sure if that was a brush off or not, but he wasn’t going to be a coward now. “Pansexual, actually.”


Adam only looked a little surprised but it seemed to clear up something for him because he took  a step closer, leaning down to take a deep breath of air close to Kris, like he was scenting him almost.


Do I smell or something?” Kris asked, “`Cause I got to warn you, I’ve just pulled a double shift and that kitchen gets warm.”


Adam’s eyes were narrowed. “You haven’t been with a man.”


“Jesus Christ!” His face was turning a lobster, or lobster-like colour, he could feel it. He tried to push Adam’s chest away a bit, if only he could get some air. “Fuck, you don’t need to say those things out loud! Man, that’’s seriously just been bad luck on dates. How do you know anyways?”


Kris,” Adam interrupted in a serious tone Kris wasn’t sure he was too fond of, “this is going to sound strange. But, do you know you’re a werewolf?”


Uh, no.” Figuring he’d add the obvious, “Because I’m not a werewolf.”


Are you sure?”


“...I think I’d know.” 




Adam’s been nose to nose with Kris for a while now, and it wasn’t helping Kris’s nerves. It feels like Adam’s trying to see into his soul, body almost rippling in a tension Kris can’t understand but it made him think twice about moving. This was so much more intense than the other staring contests Kris has gotten into since he moved to San Glam.


He didn’t really think Adam was going to bite him (Kris has pretty much given up on the idea that this is going to lead to a moon lit stroll, ice cream, and kisses), but Kris can’t be positive. He caught a scent of something, possibly just dust and his nose started to itch.


He tried, but watery eyes and tickled sinuses had Kris sneezing and turning to keep from blowing snot all over Adam. When he’s able to look back at Adam, the other man’s standing tall and looked proud. As if he accomplished something.


“You’ll answer my questions now.”


Kris isn’t impressed with that tone, but whatever, “Shoot.”


“Have you been bitten by anyone recently?”


“No. I know I’d have to get tested if I did.”


“Are you sure?”


“The last time I got bit was a rat at one of the pet shops.” That date had ended really badly, and Kris had vowed to stay clear of anyone who was that insistent of petting strange rodents. “That was almost three months ago.”


There was a muttered curse, but Kris couldn’t make out the word exactly. “Maybe it happened another way? So, how can you not recognize that you’re a werewolf?”


“You don’t need to squint that hard, you’re going to get wrinkles. And I’m telling you, I’m not a werewolf.”


“Did you feel weird around the full moon?” 


What day was that?” Kris glowered at Adam’s look of disbelief. “What? It’s not really something I keep track of!”


“The twenty-third.”


“I was…at Simon’s doing a gig. I dunno, I think I might have went to bed early.”


Adam frowned, clearly trying to work something out. “Are you sure? No agitation? No need to touch things? No feelings of dominance? No cramps?”


Kris thought about it, willing to humor Adam for the moment. Well, there was that… “I’m not really a late night person so I usually just go to bed early when I can, and I had stayed up the night before watching the zombie movie marathon. So, I don’t know if it’s craving really but I did order some ribs as take out. There were also lots of blankets even though it’s still warm out…and sometimes I get backaches but that’s usually after I’m working on my truck. I don’t think they have anything to do with the moon.”


Adam gave a frustrated grumble. Moving closer, and caging Kris against the wall. Kris could smell his aftershave, and whatever it was Kris was damn sure it was working. They could package it and sell it as pure sex in pheromone form.  


“…Oh, um, I guess I like to cuddle, too.” Kris knew he was babbling, but Adam was really close! “I had to get one of those full body pillows, you know? Walmart had a good deal on them. They were soft and-” At Adam’s blank look, “Uh, not really much of what you’re talking about. So, yeah, I’m not likely to be a werewolf.”


“Fuck, okay. The sun’s almost down and you’re going to go through a change. Alright?” Adam didn’t really stop his pacing. Looking once more at the ever sinking sun, “We’re going to have a few minutes left. You need to strip.”


“Uh, I’m really not comfortable with this.”


“Just trust me.”  It was another stare downs. Adam looked really sincere, and Kris was always a sucker for pretty people. “Please.”


“Man…” Kris couldn’t really argue with that, so with a hefty sigh he kicked off a boot, “You know, you’re kind of bossy.”


“I’m naturally bossy. I’m an alpha.” Then, with a hurried yank to his own belt buckle, “Hurry up, you’re going to change in any minute and we’re going to have to get you ready.”


“Of course you’re an alpha.” The disbelief was probably clear, if Adam’s pout was any indication. Kris kicked off his other boot, when one of his unvoiced concerns hit him, “…I’m not a virgin, so sacrificing me or whatever isn’t going to work.”


Just get undressed.” Adam snapped.


Kris felt the hair on his arms raise, already unbuttoned and stripped out of his flannel before he could stop himself. Adam was working on getting his feet out of the super tight pants; Adam kind of had to wiggle. It was distracting.


“So, what’s going to happen?”


“You’re going to turn into a werewolf, and then we’ll meet with the others. Fuck, I was so not ready for this. Cook is going to have my head for not talking to you about this sooner, I can’t believe we thought you knew…shit. Nevermind, just focus on the change, okay? Then we’re going to let your wolf out.” 


“And I need to be nude for that?”




Yes, of course, because nudity solves everything.” Kris muttered, dropping his plaid shirt to the ground. “Why didn’t I think of that? I mean, it’s only because I’m supposedly going to turn into a freaking wolf. Because that makes sense. Somehow.” Grabbing his white undershirt and pulling it over his head, “Maybe in alternative universes where getting naked might not usually imply something else.”


With the shirts finally off and his vision clear, he was treated to the sight of Adam watching him with what was a definite once-over, kohl lines eyes were smoldering in their intensity.




You’re not one of my pack yet so I’m going to have to mark you to keep others from attacking you. So, uh, we need to have sex. Right now.”


Kris went through a range of feelings; differing from an instinctual discomfort from being around the insane-but-hot that Kris was moderately ashamed to arousal at the idea of Adam marking him in some manner that sounded kinky to outright fear at the idea he was going to be set upon by villagers with pitchforks.


Kris was silent before he finally settled on something that was likely going to allow them to move past this point of conversation and back towards the stratosphere of sanity, “So we should fuck like rabbits -or well, wolves, I guess? - or I'll die?! Seriously?"


“They won’t kill you, but they might attack you.” Adam explained in a voice far too calm for Kris’s liking, “It’s to establish pack hierarchy. If they smell me on you, it’d be a lot less violent.”


“...Are we seriously going to have sex?” Kris questioned, with a suspicious glint. “`Cause I gotta tell you, man, I would have probably been down with that even without all this,” a wave of his hand, “theatrics.”  


Adam seemed to stumble, Kris was pretty sure it was because his feet got caught in those pants. Adam stood straight, turning to face Kris, and hello... Adam must have massive feet.


Kris might be staring.


“Kris, try and just trust me, alright? The thing is you’re kinda...submissive to me.”


Kris quirked an eyebrow and lifted his gaze to Adam’s. “Yeah, I kind of figured you would be a top.”


Adam made a weird choking sound, “How do you – no, never mind. I mean you’re my beta. Beta to my alpha, you’re submissive to my wolf. It's kinda-...look, we don’t have time for this. I promise to do this right next time. I’ll wine and dine you and take you to as many movies as you want, but we've got to do this before the sun’s completely down. We’ll go to fucking Hawaii if you want, next time but I need to claim you now.”  


Kris lifted his foot to tear off his remaining sock, feeling his face turn pink, “I really don’t mind if you wanna do the whole role playing thing, but I gotta tell you. I don’t think I’m cool with you thinking I’m your submissive or something, because we barely know each other and I like you but-” 


“Kris.” Adam looked pained, “’re a beta wolf. I. You know wolves mate for life, right? Fuck, you don’t even know what you’re offering. Hell, you don’t even know what I’m offering.” Adam looked so at odds with the world that Kris stepped in automatically to give Adam a hug, Kris was instantly engulfed by Adam’s long arms, “...Kris, I. Alright, we’ll do the fine print later... If I fuck you, it’s going to be for keeps, you good with that? All I really need to do now is to rub myself on you.” 


With a squint to see how serious Adam was, Kris nodded. “Okay.”


Oddly enough, that was actually kind of sweet compared to the rest of this evening. Kris rolled his eyes and muttered a bit disingenuously, “That's the third potentially traumatizing thing you've said tonight: thank you.” A brief pause to consider what Adam was saying; that he only wanted a serious relationship. Kris could do that. Kris only did serious relationships, too.


So this could probably work out. 


Adam dipped his head, breathing Kris in.


“We could try it?” Kris asked hopeful, “Right? If you’re,” Kris scrambled looking for the right terminology, tilting his head back to give Adam access, “…my alpha, we could do that. Be mates, and mark me. I guess?” He could feel what was probably a very telling blush on his cheeks, “Then you can fuck me?”


“Cook is going to have my balls for this.”


“I- oh!,” Gasping because Kris wasn’t expecting the lick from collar to ear, but he couldn’t say he minded it. It kind of tickled actually. Adam’s leg between his own and the wall suddenly at his back shot a surge of interest to Kris’s groin. “Fuck!”


The last thing Kris registered of was Adam’s words, “Later. I promise.”




Kris blinked tiredly, feeling an unfamiliar blend of rejuvenated and a little sore as if he’d gotten a really satisfying work out in his arms and legs. The grass underneath him was cool and he wondered for a moment why he couldn’t recall going camping.


With a groan, he turned over onto his stomach and froze. His bits were on the ground and he was naked.




Kris looked back over his shoulder. Adam was staring down at him with an expression he couldn’t begin to understand. “`Sup?” Okay, maybe not the most eloquent way of saying good morning, but Kris hadn’t had coffee yet. He was entitled.


“How are you feeling?”


Kris sat up, yawning, “Not bad. So...what happened last night? And why can’t I remember any of it?”


“It can take a while, especially if you’re not actively looking out for the changes. Don’t worry about it, last night went well. You changed...we ran around a bit. The pack liked you.” Adam shook his head in disbelief, “Then you took a nap. You know for a wolf you’re pretty lazy. Everyone else has already left.”


 “Yeah, I kind of figured I’d sleep.” Kris said for lack of anything better to say, “I’m like the opposite of nocturnal.”


“Well, if you’re awake, which you are.” Adam smirked, “We can now get to the fine print.”


“Fine print?” That sounded familiar, Kris blushed.


“You. Me. Together.” The way the taller man said it made it sound really naughty. “Forever as mates.”


“...So does that mean we’re getting to the ‘later’ part?” 


Adam laughed, pushing Kris down and laying on top of him. “Yes.”




Everyone seemed to be watching for their entrance, and Kris felt Adam come up behind him. There seemed to be even more people here than usual and Kris wondered what that was about.


He was just glad he had the foresight to get a shower and a change of clothes at his cabin. Kris had been shocked to discover that Adam wore the same size T-shirts as him. (Adam looked despairing when he tried to explain to Kris about proper size measurements but Kris figured that Adam just had a weird stigma about plaid and was pulling his leg.)


“So...who wants breakfast?” It was a very obvious attempt to break the awkward silence and to his relief it worked. Kris got a few orders for people’s regulars.


“Are you sure you want to? I think we can all deal with Cook’s cooking if you’re feeling ...sore.” Matt offered, insincerely if the huge grin on his face was anything to go by. “I hear ‘first times’ are like that.”


“Oh, leave him alone, asshole.” Megan piped in, “We totally understand if you want the day off though, today we should be celebrating the newly mated. We can suffer through Cook’s cooking.”


There was a round of applause and Kris took that moment to whisper the nagging question to Adam, “How do they know what happened last night?”


Adam was probably going to answer with something that was going to give Kris an aneurysm, so it was probably a good thing that he was interrupted.


“Quiet down,” Cook snapped coming out from the kitchen, “You’re going to eat the food and like it. Kris, I need your help in the back if that’s all right. Just for a few orders, freaking everyone has to come today of all days.” 


Kris laughed, waving to Cook that he’d help in a moment. “Well, Adam’s eating.” With a side glance, “What about you, Tommy?”


“Oh, fuck yes. I mean, yes, please.” Tommy made grabby fingers, “Special pancakes. And everything.” 


“Well, I guess I’ll make you some then.” Kris was pleased and curious, now to really make something awesome to make up for Kris’s earlier blunder. “Any reason why today?”


“I’m off punishment.”


Yeah, totally didn’t get that. “Punishment?”


“For not telling Adam about you, the new werewolf in our territory. I couldn’t have any food until after the full moon.”


“Oh.” Then with a look to Adam, “You’re punishing people with my cooking?”


“Withholding,” Adam clarified as if that made any difference, “It works a lot better than threats of public shavings or fighting. Dealing with pack issues doesn’t take up near as much of my time now.”


“Withholding my cooking to keep order?”


“Yup,” and darned if Adam didn’t look proud of himself.


“Well,” Tommy piped in, “You could always threaten to withhold from Adam if that’s the case.”


Kris didn’t get it but Tommy snickered and Adam’s stomach growled again. So, Kris shook free and went off to make breakfast. Like the whirlwind that he often was, Archie bounded into the kitchen to gift him with a big hug and a high five. Cook had already disappeared back into his office.




Taking in Archie’s almost bounce, Kris laughed and answered honestly, “Confused as nothing else. But I’m getting there. I think Adam and I are dating now?”


Archie laughed at that, “What? Kris, you’re like married now!”


If the bowl of pancake mix wasn’t over the counter it would have crashed onto the floor. “What?”


“Yeah, wolves mate for life.” The younger man’s eyes started to get really big, “Didn’t you know?”


Okay, Kris vaguely recalled that part of the conversation. To be fair, Adam had mentioned something like that. Still, marriage wasn’t something you could really just breeze past when one party thinks the conversation is purely metaphorical, especially when that marriage didn’t include a divorce clause.


It’s just not done.




With a beaming smile stretching from ear to ear, Kris came out with his new husband’s breakfast. Archie was watching from behind the kitchen door.


As usual, Adam was waiting with perked interest. If he had a tail currently, Kris was sure it’d be waving. No wonder why Adam always reminded Kris of an eager pet.


Kris laid the plate down. “Surprise!”


Adam blinked; then blinked again. “Is this...?”


With a cheerful nod towards the plate of shaped pancakes, “Yeah, I figured with all that happened last night, you’d like some wolf pups.”


Adam may have started to hyperventilate.



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