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Fic: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Part Two)

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing




“Kris! I want a triple bacon and ham sandwich.” Megan called out from her usual table. She seemed to be in good spirits, surrounded by three guys who were all staring at her with love struck expressions. “With a meat lover’s spread.”


Kris grinned, knowing it was coming but still helping (the now tittering) Archie deliver another table’s food. 


“Seems that you had that last night, Meg. Or maybe you’re just not getting enough ‘meat’ with those guys.” Matt called back, winking extravagantly to the room at large. How Kris had ever suspected they were anything but cousins Kris couldn’t even fathom. 


There was a lot about San Glam’s population that Kris really didn’t get. Like the weird sniffing Kris sometimes caught people doing, or the eye thing. Kris was used to people looking at each other’s eyes when they talked, but weirdly it was as if people here were either tried to engage him in a staring contest or wouldn’t look him in the face at all. It was weird, but Kris figured it’d be ruse to ask.


“Don’t be jealous,” Megan called back in tones that the entire diner was supposed to catch, “that there are men in town whose ‘meat’ is actually interesting…right Kris?”


Kris pointedly started to whistle as he snuck back into the kitchen not at all minding the teasing. As long as people were having fun and thought the food was good that’s all that mattered. Although it was fortunate Cook had stepped out to run to the bank, so Kris could sneak back to the kitchen instead of having to listen as his boss verbally abused the blonde cousins for talking in such a manner when there were kids (i.e. Archie) around. Cook was almost uncharacteristically mother-hen like about certain things. 


He did catch Matt’s “Don’t bring Kris into this, you maneater!”


He was just going to check on the frying bacon, some of his customers were consistent, (for all the different men, and different pairings of men, Kris had seen Megan entertain she wasn’t near so adventurous in her breakfast choices), when a loud peel of tires seemed to happen right outside shortly followed by a very loud slamming of a car door.


Kris winced, and hoped the person coming in would be easier on his cooking than that car. Then he thought about Archie all alone out there, who was pretty much as timid as a kitten, and steeled his nerves before going out there. He held onto his kitchen knife, imagining he’d have to chase off a large group of unruly hairy bikers who spit tobacco, guzzled cheap beer and could break Kris in two with their pinkies.


There was a loud bang as the rather heavy front door was thrown open, and Kris jumped.


With a quick prayer for courage, Kris tugged a bit on his handkerchief before deciding to take it off entirely, otherwise (kitchen knife or no) he looked like a doofus with it on, ran a hand through his messy hair for good measure and walked out through the swinging doors.


It wasn’t the Sicilian mob or the Godzilla monster Kris had almost 1been expecting. Rather, a very tall, man standing in the open door way with his hands on his hips, scowling like a thundercloud.


A very gorgeous man, with rocker boots and glittery jeans, at that. Whoever this man in front of him was, Kris wanted to know more about him; even if his new attraction was probably going to be heavily one-sided, it’d still make for fantastic material for shower time.


Instant attraction aside, Kris managed a smile. Adam’s both nothing and everything Kris had imagined, there’s something riveting about the man (aside from the massive amount of glitter and eye shadow) but Kris doesn’t have words for it yet. {You haven't introduced him as Adam yet – I'd move this sentence down to the next section, maybe as the first sentence?}


Maybe words aren’t meant to describe the high flying feeling of recognition and desire to roll over and beg; perhaps not the most acceptable reaction, so he breathes deeply and watches.


This guy is not at all calm, shifting like a pacing predator, sniffing at the air. It’s oddly not an unusual sight after being in this town for about a week.  The stranger is so much more intense though, like nothing Kris could recall seeing before.


His mama never did raise a bashful son, so he stuck out his hand and said what he always did; “H-Hi. I’m Kris. With a ‘K’. Like Kool-Aid... did you want to have a seat at a table or the bar?” 

The other man didn’t say anything, not at first. Kris had a feeling of being judged, weighed against something just as Tommy had when they’d first met. As other people in this town have since he’s been here and not for the first time Kris wondered what they see. Kris held his gaze steady even as he knew his cheeks were starting to turn pink under the attention.


The diner’s was unnervingly silent as if everyone here was holding their collective breath, and that’s when Kris realized that he was too. He let it out slowly, because he had nothing to be afraid of.

“I’m Adam.” The man introduced himself, announced himself really. Status and name altogether, it was no wonder why everyone asked him those questions. This man was powerful and something Kris couldn’t quite define yet. If Kris was the type of person to wax poetic, it’s almost like the larger than life character in front of him is getting ready to pounce. It gave him butterflies.

“…Hi.” Kris tilted his head back to meet Adam’s gaze, a little out of breath but Kris’s going to be polite.
“Would you like a bite?” The look Adam gave him could be considered dirty, and it almost had Kris adding ‘to eat’. 


Adam glared than made a noise; it was almost like he growled. It was scary sounding.


Kris looked down at Adam’s stomach with raised eyebrows. “Wow! You must be starving! We’ve got a pretty good pumpkin pancake special today, or do you think you’d want sausages or bacon?”


Kris tried not to wonder about the awkward mood than seemed to almost double the silence of the restaurant.  


The tension broke when Adam took a menacing step forward. There might have been a surprised gasp from somewhere near Megan’s table.


Mind firmly made up, he grabbed Adam’s hand in his own to pull him over to an empty bar stool, it was a bit like lugging an unsuspecting mountain but Kris had always been unusually strong. “You must be really hungry… so, I’ll take care of you. One hungry man’s platter coming up.” Then, looking past Adam’s bewildered expression to Archie (and his table) watching them mouths open and eyes wide, “Archie, get this customer a cup of joe on the house.”


And that was pretty much how Kris met Adam.




“What the hell is-” Kris caught Adam’s snarl even through the closed kitchen door, jumping a bit at how vicious Adam’s voice sounded. There seemed to be a clambering sound and he could kind of make out Megan’s no nonsense tone and Matt’s pacifistic voice, maybe saying something about 


Kris figured the infamous Adam must be extremely hungry and added three more pancakes to the frying pan.


“ – didn’t find out from freakin’ Tommy!” Adam was really loud, Kris decided on adding the Canadian bacon. “Why did no one-,” the angry tones died off to something incredulous, “…because he can cook? Allison, that’s not-”


Kris hit the bell hoping to at least spare Archie the worst of their hungry customer’s wrath, knowing full well that he’d have Archie stay in the kitchen until Kris had fed the yelling man something.


Archie had just ducked inside, wide-eyed and pale as Kris was picking up the plate to go out. He offered the younger man a smile. “So, going well then?”


“Uh, I guess. Adam’s usually a really nice guy; I guess he was just surprised? Cook’s on his way back, so you can probably stay here.”


“Nah, I got this. You should have been at my family’s barbeque last summer. It was like watching a pack of wild animals.” Archie still looked nervous like Kris just missed something.


There was another growl, from out front. Archie and Kris both winced.


“Wish me luck.” Taking out the over-stacked platter filled with just about everything on the menu, the restaurant seemed to hush up from their heated talk about something. Adam snapped to attention, lips pulled back to show very bright white teeth. Guess he really wanted some food, Kris thought as he laid the food down in front of Adam before bending down to get the strup under the counter. “Here we go. Hot off the griddle. I thought with you being so hungry, you’d want some extra portions.”


Adam sniffed the air, eyed Kris from his higher position and seemed to be arguing with himself over something.


Kris hoped he wasn’t the type to worry about calories.


“What’s that?” The man was giving his breakfast a kind of funny squint, leaning right over it to inhale. “Nutmeg?”


Kris tried not to smile, really but Adam reminded him of a very curious puppy.


The whole restaurant seemed to once again hold its collective breath as Adam cut his first piece and chewed. Settling back into his stool as he chewed seemed to reassure the rest of the diner’s patrons into heaving a collective sigh. Kris looked around interested to figure out who was watching. The answer was very decisive: everyone.


Adam’s moan of pleasure seemed to relieve any remaining tension.




The next time Adam had come to the diner, he’d been with Tommy. Adam wanted whatever the special was and Tommy wanted cereal. The next few days had pretty much been the same routine with Kris being able to catch a few glimpses of Adam and if he was lucky, find a reason to go out and talk for a little while.


It was a shame Adam came in so late for breakfast since Kris really enjoyed their brief chats. Or rather Kris enjoyed seeing Adam and attempting to chat with him. Southern charm or not, Kris needed to improve his flirting habits. Sticking to blushing and bringing Adam great food was a good start, but sweet baby Jesus if Kris couldn’t get past that, he was going to die of blue balls. On the plus side, he did say more than a few words today. Coherent words, too.


Kris counted it as a win.


Adam had come in late though, which meant Kris was rather preoccupied with getting other stuff done and Adam was eating at the bar today. It’d only been a handful of days since they met, but he really hoped Adam hadn’t come late because Kris’s attempts at flirting were annoying him.


Kris didn’t like to think about the ‘you’re dumb’ look he’d gotten from Archie when Kris asked if Adam was seeing anyone. Archie had never looked more like his true age than when he was smug about knowing something Kris didn't.


Cook had come out front to talk to Adam privately and Kris had been relegated back to actually working. Kris was going to fret about the implications of that tonight, because he really didn’t want either Adam or Cook thinking he was bothersome.


It wasn’t intentional.


He was angsting quietly away in his little kitchen, the last of the breakfast menu items put away until tomorrow, most of today’s dinner food already out to be prepped, and some already cooking. Kris didn’t mean to listen in on Adam’s conversation with Cook but he caught his name and grew curious. It wasn’t really eavesdropping if they were loud enough to be heard through the closed door and Kris didn’t even stop in his preparations for tonight’s dinner to listen.


“…don’t think he knows.”


“Has he said anything?” Adam asked.


The reply was muffled, probably by Cook’s ever-present coffee cup. Cook’s tone was exasperated but respectful, and Kris wondered how he managed that until he realized Cook was exasperated about something Kris did. Or maybe hadn’t done?


Adam spoke again, but the oven’s timer beeped and Kris was too busy making sure his casserole was perfect to listen for a minute or two.


Cook was talking again, “…don’t think he could be in the dark about this. Kris is smart, he’d have figured it out.” Kris tried to focus on chopping potatoes, “…on him. Acts like a normal from what I’ve seen; if it wasn’t for my nose… Think he’s hiding from someone?”


“Or,” Adam added in a flatter tone than Kris had ever heard, “Will be soon enough.”


“I don’t think that’s it. He doesn’t act that way.” That was Meg, tone gentle. “You must have been knocked seven feet sideways coming in here, huh? Not an everyday occurrence that’s for sure.” But what was she doing talking about Kris too? Did that mean more people were in on whatever big secret was being hidden from Kris? He didn’t like to think that the friends he'd made here in San Glam were keeping a secret from Kris. Maybe they were all a part of a cult or a drug smuggling ring? Maybe this town was filled with illegal Russian weapons! Kris kind of had to squint at that idea, because he hadn’t met anyone that seemed scary enough for weapons. Or Russian.


So, probably drugs. He saw the pro-liberal stickers on enough bumper cars.


Although, if he thought about it. It might be a pro-gay thing because the liberal stickers were usually near a rainbow one.


Kris didn’t like the idea that everyone was part of a secret town cult because if TV had taught Kris anything, it was that secret cults usually did sacrifices, human sacrifices.  It was an insane thought, granted, but Kris had been corrupted enough by his mother’s viewing habits that he was starting to wonder if the Winchester boys were going to be swaggering into town about now. Even if Kris wasn’t knowledgeable in the esoteric though, his earlier doubt about anyone in San Glam being violent enough for that type of thing still stood. People were all too nice; weird, obsessed with hair dye, and spotty as a weather report but genuinely nice. Kris trusted his instincts when it came to sincerity.


Kris hoped he could trust his instincts.




It was now his second week so far in San Glam, and a full eight days of Adam every morning and most evenings. It had been wonderful, even if Kris only got snippets of time to talk with Adam.


Kris came out of the kitchen carrying Adam’s order to catch the last bit of Cook’s words to Adam.


“...don’t mind it because Kris isn’t going to be trying anything. At this rate Archie’s going to adopt Kris as his brother, if he hasn’t already. The two of them roll around like pups when they’re alone.” The fondness was apparent in Cook’s lazy drawl.


Kris cleared his throat and tried not to stumble across the black and white chequered floor. He hadn’t expected himself to be the topic of conversation again. It was flattering, and he really hoped that meant Adam was interested in him. That he hadn’t blown his chances yesterday by being so transparent in his own interest.


Maybe, Adam was worried that Kris was interested in Archie and was asking around? Not that Kris would ever think about Archie that way, he was younger than Kris’s brother, for goodness sake’s. The waiter was a kid, and quite possibly a very taken kid if Cook’s behaviour was taken into account. Kris wasn’t sure how he felt about that obvious age difference but Cook seemed to honourable to do anything Archie didn’t like, so Kris figured it wasn’t his business. Or it wasn’t his business unless he heard otherwise from Archie.


He really liked that kid, even if for some reason he kept giving Kris his old t-shirts. He had asked why and for some reason got a very long and convoluted answer of pheromones, chemicals and biological recognition patterning. Kris still couldn’t wrap his head around how different high-school science had gotten since he’d gone. He just kind of figured Archie didn’t like the laundry detergent Kris was using.


“Don’t mean to interrupt,” Kris offered with a shy grin towards Adam. “Just thought I’d get you your food while it’s hot since Archie’s so busy. I made yours special.”


Archie was busy getting another table’s order, it was reasonable for Kris to come deliver it himself! Kris had even brought out Tommy’s boring bowl of cereal.


He shot a sharp look at Cook before the owner could open his mouth, because clearly Cook was needed elsewhere at the moment. He got an eye roll in return, but his boss did saunter back into the backroom after Adam nodded his head a little in agreement.


“Here you go, Adam,” then beamed at the observing customer, placing his newest creation down, “I think you’ll like today’s breakfast.”


Adam was a wonderful customer, which was what he’d tell everyone when they started to tease Kris for delivering Adam’s personally. It also certainly didn’t hurt that Adam was a naughty fantasy personified.


“Kris,” Adam nearly moaned around the first bite of food, eyes closed, “this is awesome. I’d keep you just for this; fuck…You’re the best thing that’s ever happened. Sweet Madonna, if there wouldn’t be mutiny I’d keep you all for myself…my god, is that hazelnut?”


Flattery, flattery, Kris thought with a grin, feeling the blush heat his face.  Ah, well. It was really his mama’s recipe that made the food so good, although hearing compliments on his cooking abilities from his customers really did make his day.  “Ain’t nothing. But I’m glad you like it, did you want a refill on your coffee?”


Adam nodded eagerly packing another bite of grilled honey-bun french toast. Right then, Adam reminded Kris of an excited puppy with ears perked and tail wagging.


It’s not like it’s magical, Adam.” Tommy had come in with Adam today, a scowl set permanently into his face, which always struck Kris as wrong because Tommy seemed like he could be a really awesome guy. Maybe he just wasn’t a morning person? Kris didn’t take it personally. Tommy had every right to be a little standoffish with Kris after Kris mistakenly took his family’s pet care shop for a sex shop. Kris still got embarrassed any time he thought about it.


At first, he had thought that perhaps Tommy and Adam were an item but Archie had told him that Tommy was dating a girl. It didn’t take long for Archie to add that Adam wasn’t seeing anyone right now. Kris strongly suspected his crush was an open secret among the diner staff at this point, but Adam didn’t seem to know yet, so Kris was pretty sure he was safe.


Adam harrumphed, looking at Tommy’s bowl of cheerios with distaste.  As if Tommy was clearly an idiot for not trying Kris’s food, which was in Adam's opinion, ‘oh, so good... seriously, you don’t even understand... Kris, you are the reason the sun starts every morning, and life being worth living, and Adam would promise conquered territories for seconds’.


Kris tried not to giggle again as Adam gave another, probably exaggerated moan. He was pretty sure Adam winked at him.


So, what’s on your agenda today, Adam?” He’d been curious about Adam's day job since Kris first saw him. He thought he was entitled to his preoccupation with his favorite customer because Adam was just so different than anything he expected when he first came to San Glam.


We’re going to get ready for tonight.” Adam finally answered, looking at Kris with an expectant glint in his eyes.


He blinked, was he supposed to know what was so special about tonight? “Okay..?”


Tomorrow’s the full moon." Tommy added, eyeing him kind of funny-like, as if he was measuring Kris up. Still not getting it, Kris went into his default mode of southern charm, beaming sunshine and good cheer at the squinty-eyed mohawk’d man until he turned his attention back to his cereal. 


Adam made an amused sound, which got Kris’s attention. “We’re going to have to work really hard today.”


Adam was smiling because he knew that Kris would always give him bigger portions if he even hinted at being hungry. Kris thought a hungry Adam was a scary Adam and didn’t at all want to experience seeing that again.


Don't eat anyone.” Kris teased, unsure what they were alluding to but still hoping they didn’t notice, “I’ve got veggie sandwiches with monetery jack as a special for this evening. I might even be able to hold some of the crepe cake I’ve got waiting in the fridge for both of you.”


Adam’s eyes lit up in immediate response.


Kris really did try not to giggle, but he’d always been giggly around his crushes. It totally killed his dating life.  He was already starting to blush around Adam, if this continued Kris was probably going to be writing love songs as he had with Katy. He’d been unbelievably thankful Katy had liked the love-struck dork Kris had turned into.


Unfortunately, he really didn’t think that was Adam’s type. Sneaking a peak at Tommy and Adam’s spiked bracelets and metal toed combat boots, Kris sighed to himself. He kind of doubted Adam's tastes ran to small and adorkable.


The sound of the bell over the dinner’s door had Kris mentally sighing; another customer meant he’d had to go back to work.





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