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Take the Cake Challenge Stories by silver_slashes

Kradamadcakes Drabbles
Rating: NC-17
Themes: Werewolves, all AU
Summary: prompts include- in the dark, tail tale, and mates... (click title link to see master post with all story links and banners)
Notes: thanks to 
[info]kradamadcakes  for this great challenge! - unbeta'd, just so you know... haha!  Also, thanks to [info]katekat1010 for the AWESOME banners that I can't stop posting in every possible place I can so that everyone can see them!!!!  I LOVE them!!!! 

In the Dark- Kris takes an oath, Adam makes a promise (~500, NC-17, maybe dub-con if you close one eye, stand on one foot, and hop up and down... while singing a Lady Gaga song)

A Tail Tale- the tail-wagging is out of control (~500, PG)

Before You, Willingly- Adam is the wolf, Kris is the sacrifice (~2500, NC-17)

Tags: challenge: take the cake, fanfic, festival 01: lupercalia

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