The Wolf Thief

Title: The Wolf Thief
Author: house_of_lantis 
Pairing: Kradam, RPS Characters you recognize
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Dubcon, a bit of violence, language, sexuality, masturbation, wolfish behavior
Author’s Note: Written for kradamadcakes  Fest 1. Loosely based on the film “The Thomas Crown Affair”.
Summary: Kristopher Allen is a notorious thief, but not only that, he’s a lycanwolf. Adam Lambert is a wolf specialist hired by the museum to track down a stolen statue. Only a lycanwolf hunter can truly track down another of their kind and Adam is determined to catch the wolf thief – but will Kris allow Adam to catch him?

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Fic: Stained in You

Title: Stained in You
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: NC-17
Length: 7,750 words
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not real. This is for fun only. No disrespect or offense meant to anyone. Title is from the song Insatiable by Darren Hayes.
Warnings: Werewolf mating! Explicit porn! Dubious consent! Adam's all healing cock! Much sappiness! Completely unplanned and out of control PWP!
Notes: AU. Written for [community profile] kradamadness round seven: wild; more specifically the wild sex mini challenge. I tried to finish it in time for Lupercalia for kradamadcakes, but the damn thing just refused to end. *kicks fic*

Beta by [personal profile] sbb23. Many thanks to everyone at the prompt post for encouragement, and my flist for the excellent werewolf porn soundtrack suggestions.

Summary: “I’m naked in the middle of the frickin’ forest with some guy I don’t even know – and it’s cold – and – ” He looks around wildly, searching for clothes he knows are not there. “I need my goddamn clothes.”

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Fic: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Part One)

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Author: Birddi
Beta: aramuin 
- who is the reason this got done! AMAZING PERSON HERE!!! 
It’s illegal to own people. So does it make sense to even have these?

Rating: R, no warnings?


For the prompt: We seriously need bakers. Seriously.” + “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.” + “One is a werewolf and doesn't know it.” + 5 of the prompt sentences + 6 of the daily prompts. This story was prompted out.

Summary: A wrong turn had Kris working in a diner in San Glam, California. He’s getting used to the little eclectic town, and its zany inhabitants. He’s doing great, he just wasn’t expecting to meet Mr. Right or that his rockstar looking crush would be quite so…crazy, really. What’s with Adam insisting that Kris is going to turn in a ball of fluffy teeth and desire for blood on the full moon?



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Kris What?!

Take the Cake Challenge Stories by silver_slashes

Kradamadcakes Drabbles
Rating: NC-17
Themes: Werewolves, all AU
Summary: prompts include- in the dark, tail tale, and mates... (click title link to see master post with all story links and banners)
Notes: thanks to 
[info]kradamadcakes  for this great challenge! - unbeta'd, just so you know... haha!  Also, thanks to [info]katekat1010 for the AWESOME banners that I can't stop posting in every possible place I can so that everyone can see them!!!!  I LOVE them!!!! 

In the Dark- Kris takes an oath, Adam makes a promise (~500, NC-17, maybe dub-con if you close one eye, stand on one foot, and hop up and down... while singing a Lady Gaga song)

A Tail Tale- the tail-wagging is out of control (~500, PG)

Before You, Willingly- Adam is the wolf, Kris is the sacrifice (~2500, NC-17)